There are Special Models of Cellphone for Kids

It never fails to happen every year right around the time the back-to-school
season starts. In the middle of totaling up how much will be spent on
stationery, clothes, shoes and bags, parents begin to wonder if they should
give up and get a cell phone for kids in the family going back to school.

If you’re like one out of two Americans, you’re likely to put electronic items like a cell phone for kids on your back-to-school list. That’s just the beginning. The list grows to include MP3 players, tablets and so on.
Actually, no parent is completely comfortable getting a cell phone for
kids. If you are vaguely uncomfortable about handing your kid a phone,
here’s a short list of the important things you need to keep in mind.

We’ve been reading about the possible health hazards present in cell phone radiation for the longest time. While it hasn’t ever been conclusively proven the harm that is caused, researchers certainly have proven that there can be all kinds of disturbing things that happen. Keeping a cell phone glued to your ear, you can heat brain tissue up, it can influence brain activity and so on. As far as experts are concerned, children turn out to be the worst-affected by these kinds of effects – as their brains are like sponges, absorbing twice as much radiation as the brain of an adult.

There should actually be a law for this – that anyone who gets a cell phone for kids should choose a low radiation phone. It may be hard to get your child to accept such a phone when he probably has his heart set on an iPhone or something. But your concern for your child’s health has to prevail, right? If your child wants a smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S and the LG Quantum should make good choices, low radiation phones that they are. If your child is okay with a normal feature phone, the Samsung Contour or the Motorola i890 should be great.

When you hear of how the phone companies give you parental control facilities, how does it strike you that these facilities could be useful? Perhaps they could be useful keeping your child from falling into bad habits? Well, how about using them to keep your child safe from radiation dangers? You can for instance, use the parental controls given to you to limit the times at which your child can make calls. This way, you can limit how your child is on the phone all the time and getting into radiation trouble.

And then of course, there’s the whole matter of how agreeing to a cellphone for kids in the family can possibly give them the freedom to misbehave – bullying someone, sending racy pictures and so on. If your child’s school does allow cellphones, make sure that whatever phone you get your child, he certainly is aware of the risks involved in making poor decisions.

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