The Spanish Synagogue in Prague – Of Reverence & Radiance

The effervescent Gothic essence, delicate beauty that combines with a dynamic Baroque architecture, makes the churches and chapels of Prague a spectacle! Foreign travelers and local visitors marvel in this sheer elegance and grandeur of the city’s religious structures. Regardless, of the vibrant spring air or the frosty winter winds, these sacred sites never lose their charisma. Once in Prague, opt in for the Night of the Churches program, under which for a night the churches and chapels in Prague host seminars, concerns and are open to public visits. Alternatively, you could simply visit the Spanish Synagogue, by booking cheap flights to Prague, which shimmers like the Queen Moon, amongst all the other synagogues in the town.

Discover Beauty, History and Divinity

Whoever has read the Torah, the holy book of Jews would know the significance of radiance, reverence and beauty – three virtues that Torah elucidates through stories and imageries. Walk-in to this colorful stained glass Spanish Synagogue and a sense of divine radiance would embalm you with a golden glow that emanates from the synagogue interiors. The gilt, arabesques, oriental polychrome motifs intermingling with green, blue and red shades on the wall coupled with Jewish mosaic designs, makes this structure like a magic portal of time travel. If you’ve dabbled with Jewish history, the story of Moses, the 72 names of God and the arc of Covenant – this is your place for soul-searching in Prague.

The Spanish Synagogue is the recent of all the six ancient synagogues in Paris with its central dome and Torah arc. Built in 1868, this structure embodies the traditional Spanish Moorish architectural pattern.

Design and Interior

Designed by architects A. Baum and B. Munzberg, the synagogue wraps its visitors with awe, admiration and inspiration with its impressive Moorish-Andalucian decor. In fact, the exhibitions here depict ancient tales about the Czech Republic’s Jews and their emancipation. There are also depictions about the Jews in Moravia and Bohemia until 1945. The museum has over 6,000 fascinating artefacts that have been crafted by the artistic and hardworking Central European silversmiths and goldsmiths. Inside the synagogue you can also explore the intriguing exhibitions of the Maisel Synagogue.

Few Interesting Facts

Every Saturday there is a service in the synagogue. Unlike its name, this sacred site has never been used by Sephardic or Spanish congregation. Surprisingly, classic music concerts are held here with a huge audience gathering. There is a statue of the author Franz Kafka just a little ahead of this synagogue. There’s a small Kafka figure that sits on the shoulder of a huge figure that is handless, footless and headless. Probably, a reference to the conflicts of the subconscious and conscious mind, about which Kafka wrote elaborately!

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