Potentially Sildenafil has many heart-related benefits

Sildenafil, which goes by the brand-name Viagra, is most commonly known as a breakthrough treatment for you erectile dysfunction. Although you have likely heard of this drug in some form, you might not know that sildenafil is potentially a great treatment for the heart. Sildenafil was, in fact, being produced as a treatment for various heart problems before it was used as an erectile dysfunction drug. Sildenafil became the most popular erectile dysfunction drug in the world, Viagra, as during this time the effects on the penis were noted.

Sildenafil works in many ways, one of which is increasing the blood flow to the genital region, and it also dilates the genital blood vessels. Due to these effects on the blood, researchers wondered what the effects were on the human heart. It is likely that sildenafil is a great candidate for a pulmonary hypertension treatment, according to their findings.

In a study, men using sildenafil were found to experience lower levels of hormonal stress to the heart. When replicated in mice, these results were even more noticeable and they had the tendency to undo the long-term effects of chronic hypertension and heart.

Chemically induced stress increases the amount your heart has to work, which means an increased heart rate. Sildenafil helped to lower this increased heart rate. It also helped to decrease the amount of force that is needed to pump blood from the heart through the body. In mice, researchers have found that sildenafil is very effective at blocking the short-term consequences of hormonal stress on the heart. Additionally, the long-term damages that occurred from chronic hypertension on the heart were also prevented as well as reversed by sildenafil. Finally, the negative effects caused by heart failure or cardiac hypertrophy on weekend heart muscles in mice were reversed by using sildenafil. However, this last bit has not been tested on human hearts, so it is unknown whether these results will apply to humans.

If you are interested in sildenafil for any of these conditions or for erectile dysfunction, you will need to see a doctor. Sildenafil is a prescription medication and even though it has a high safety rate, there are still some men who should not use sildenafil. A doctor will be the only one that can determine if sildenafil is right for you. Make sure you tell your doctor about any prescription drugs you are using, as well as any medical conditions you might have.

Sildenafil took the world by storm when it became the first, and most popular, erectile dysfunction treatment. Researchers hope that sildenafil can achieve this feat again by becoming the next effective, safe, and easy treatment for various heart problems.

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