Best Diamond from Mervis Diamond

This is a fun radio commercial from Mervis Diamond from Washington, DC. Ronnie Mervis is infamous for his radio commercials and this is one of the collection. He tells about his adventures down the mines.

You can hear the dynamite go off in the background and it definitely doesn’t sound like your regular jewelry commercial. Mervis Diamond has its founding near the diamond mines of South Africa. Our family have been involved with diamonds for nearly 100 years. We know a thing or two by now and we’re happy to help you.

Mervis diamonds are selected for their brilliance and sparkle. The 4 C’s are helpful to identify diamonds but they aren’t enough to distinguish the best of the best.

For engagement rings, wedding rings, or diamond jewelry of other forms, we’re here for you.

Natural Appetite Suppressants

Yes there are a lot of appetite suppressants in the market today like Phentermine, Capsiplex, Zotrim and others that are used for weight loss programs. However, these methods can have side effects.  Well-known example of this is the fen-phen. Fen-phen is a combination drug that contains fenfluramine and phentermine. According to FDA there are numerous reports that this drug cause abnormal echocardiograms, heart valve problems, and rare valvular diseases. The FDA removed the fen-phen in the US market in 1997.

There are also appetite suppressants that just don’t work like the high polyphenolic grape extract, yes it was declared to be safe but it did not suppress hunger nor lessen overall food intake. The best thing to do to suppress hunger is to eat but in small frequent meals.

Here are natural appetite suppressants that will keep you full:

Eggs – instead of eating grain foods for breakfast eat eggs. There are multiple studies that say that eating an egg for breakfast helps you to feel more full in a day than if you eat bread with the same amount of calories.

Spinach – according to experts it contain thylakoids (plant membranes), which controls emotional eating and it keep, you feel full since it delays fat digestion. It also release gut peptides that is beneficial in appetite regulation.

Water – the best way to tame your voracious appetite is to drink two glasses of water (500 ml) 30 minutes before meals has been proven to decrease hunger. According to a study done on August 2010, people who drink two glasses of water before meals ate 75 and 90 fewer calories than those who didn’t drink water.

Caraway, fennel and fenugreek Seeds

A research from University of Malaya and the Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences determined that caraway seed extract can be use to suppress appetite by curbing pathogenic microorganisms within the gut. Caraway extract commonly used as muscle rub and chest rub during chest colds.

Fennel and fenugreek Seeds can also decreased appetite based on a study done in 2015. – A website devoted to weight loss, diet, and fitness.

Best Travel In Hanoi Vietnam

Should you by no means regarded Vietnam being a leading take a trip destination, you’re probably not on your own. Even so, you’d probably likewise become missing an exceptional, special and enjoyable knowledge. Vietnam is compared to no other nation we know, and carries a different lifestyle due to your place’s wealthy background. While Vietnam seriously isn’t a very big nation, it offers a superior higher level of geographic variety, so it is possible to follow various unique activities using one journey. Below are a few with the leading take a trip locations by using Hanoi Vietnam Travel inside Vietnam, via metropolitan areas for you to noiseless retreats.

Hanoi: This can be the funds location of Vietnam which is perhaps the most common point of introduction. Hanoi is the second-largest location inside Vietnam and offers an exceptional combination of eastern and traditional western civilizations, due to the The french language and Oriental impact on via beyond work. Besides gorgeous architectural mastery, Hanoi provides an outstanding array of museums and contains a captivating nightlife.

Ho Chi Minh Location: Also called Saigon, Ho Chi Minh Location is the almost all populated metropolis inside Vietnam which is an essential visitor appeal. The city is usually wealthy having ethnical and famous locations, which include Reunification Palace and Notre Dame Cathedral. Ho Chi Minh Location also offers various drinking water park system and also other spots with regard to experiencing nature. Remember to see in Hanoi Vietnam Travel.

The Spanish Synagogue in Prague – Of Reverence & Radiance

The effervescent Gothic essence, delicate beauty that combines with a dynamic Baroque architecture, makes the churches and chapels of Prague a spectacle! Foreign travelers and local visitors marvel in this sheer elegance and grandeur of the city’s religious structures. Regardless, of the vibrant spring air or the frosty winter winds, these sacred sites never lose their charisma. Once in Prague, opt in for the Night of the Churches program, under which for a night the churches and chapels in Prague host seminars, concerns and are open to public visits. Alternatively, you could simply visit the Spanish Synagogue, by booking cheap flights to Prague, which shimmers like the Queen Moon, amongst all the other synagogues in the town.

Discover Beauty, History and Divinity

Whoever has read the Torah, the holy book of Jews would know the significance of radiance, reverence and beauty – three virtues that Torah elucidates through stories and imageries. Walk-in to this colorful stained glass Spanish Synagogue and a sense of divine radiance would embalm you with a golden glow that emanates from the synagogue interiors. The gilt, arabesques, oriental polychrome motifs intermingling with green, blue and red shades on the wall coupled with Jewish mosaic designs, makes this structure like a magic portal of time travel. If you’ve dabbled with Jewish history, the story of Moses, the 72 names of God and the arc of Covenant – this is your place for soul-searching in Prague.

The Spanish Synagogue is the recent of all the six ancient synagogues in Paris with its central dome and Torah arc. Built in 1868, this structure embodies the traditional Spanish Moorish architectural pattern.

Design and Interior

Designed by architects A. Baum and B. Munzberg, the synagogue wraps its visitors with awe, admiration and inspiration with its impressive Moorish-Andalucian decor. In fact, the exhibitions here depict ancient tales about the Czech Republic’s Jews and their emancipation. There are also depictions about the Jews in Moravia and Bohemia until 1945. The museum has over 6,000 fascinating artefacts that have been crafted by the artistic and hardworking Central European silversmiths and goldsmiths. Inside the synagogue you can also explore the intriguing exhibitions of the Maisel Synagogue.

Few Interesting Facts

Every Saturday there is a service in the synagogue. Unlike its name, this sacred site has never been used by Sephardic or Spanish congregation. Surprisingly, classic music concerts are held here with a huge audience gathering. There is a statue of the author Franz Kafka just a little ahead of this synagogue. There’s a small Kafka figure that sits on the shoulder of a huge figure that is handless, footless and headless. Probably, a reference to the conflicts of the subconscious and conscious mind, about which Kafka wrote elaborately!

How To Find The Best Parking Solutions For Your Travel Needs

When you get read to leave town, you have to figure out how you will get to and from the airport. You also need a strategy for keeping your own vehicle in good working order and safe. Following are some of the top options in parking and maintenance that holidaymakers can choose from.

One of the most common choices is to leave your vehicle right at home and use a low-cost shuttle service. These shuttles provide front door drop offs and they don’t cost a lot. The cost of your fare will simply be dividing among all the other passengers that you’re traveling with. The drawback is that you will have to ride with people you don’t know. Moreover, some shuttles can get quite crowded once everyone’s luggage has been piled in.

An alternative to a shuttle company is to hire a taxi or a luxury car service. Both options are costly, however, they will supply you with a far greater level of privacy. For busy professionals, luxury car services can even dispatch automobiles that have their own, in-built and full-service workstations. You can fix yourself a drink, set up your laptop and continue networking while on the go.

People can also rely on their family members and friends for transport. No one wants to feel burdensome and getting friends to alter their routines to accommodate your travel schedule could be difficult. The benefits of riding with friends, however, is the ability to enjoy good company and save your cash.

All airports have their own, secure parking garages that people can use if they are willing to pay a fairly significant daily rate. These rates, however, are among some of the highest available. This is especially true if you are planning a trip that is going to last for more than just a few days.

In addition to being costly, these lots are not always as secure as people need them to be. You will have to worry about having your car broken into or vandalised. Events like these could cause your coverage rates to go up. While there are security cameras on site, some thieves move fast and you may not be able to travel with peace of mind when using these services.

One thing that none of these things account for is the need to turn vehicles on from time to time in order to prevent their batteries from going dead. This is definitely the case when you know that you’ll be gone for a while. If no one turns your car on for you while you’re away, you will either have to power your battery back up upon your return or replace it entirely. It is not good for batteries to let them drain completely.

Classic Abu Dhabi and Dubai Private Tour

The accommodation in Dubai at the Time Grand Plaza Hotel offers some notable features like the fitness center or the rooftop swimming pool that have a temperature control feature. Another choice for hotels for travelers who tour Dubai would be the Time Oak Hotel & Suites, with its perfect location, the hotel is quite comfy and offers the best services and facilities. The last choice for travelers who wish to spend a vacation in Dubai is the Hues Boutique Hotel, one of the finest boutique hotels in the city that offers a luxury that is quite affordable.

The guests will get to view the Burj Al Arab Hotel, the third highest hotel in the entire globe and one of the most astonishing buildings of Dubai.

Another magnificent tour in Dubai will be to Jumeirah, or the beautiful place. This area hosts the largest artificial island in the world and many other notable buildings like the Jumeirah Mosque, one of the magnificent mosques newly built in the Gulf Region. Jumeirah welcomes many of the tourists who spend their vacations in Dubai.

The highlight of Dubai and the most famous landmark of the city is Burj Khalifa, the highest building in the world. The height of this skyscraper exceeds 800 meters; the construction holds many international records like the world tallest structure ever built, the world highest restaurant and nightclub, and the world highest structure that is freestanding. A visit to skyscraper is included in almost all tours to Dubai.

The guests who tour Dubai will have a superb time in the traditional Dhow dinner cruise, where the guests would enjoy riding in one of the traditional Arabian sailboat, enjoy an entertaining oriental performance, and have a delicious dinner.

The guests enjoying their trip in Dubai will also explore the Al Fahidi Fort. Constructed in 1787, it is the oldest historical site in Dubai. The fort also hosts the Dubai Museum that hosts some notable displays illustrating the heritage of the city and the whole country.

How To Get Ready For A Long Term International Trip

Taking a trip out of the country can be overwhelming. There are lots of important details to tend to before you leave your home behind. With the right amount of planning, you can make this a smooth and seamless venture and ensure that nothing gets overlooked. Following is a comprehensive checklist to help you get started.

Make sure that there are no loose ends at work. Let your co-workers know when you will be leaving and your exact date of return. Send out regular email reminders in advance of your trip so that no one forgets. Clean out your inbox and delegate all unfinished business to capable parties. You should also create an auto-message for all email contacts and update your status on your voice message. Have a special contact person set up in the office to field calls and mitigate problems on your behalf.

At home, let your utility companies know that you’ll be leaving and for how long. Turn off the gas and electricity in your home if you’re worried about potential fires. In houses that require these measures, you can even have the utility company handle this for you. Clean out your refrigerator so that no spoiled foods are awaiting you when you return. If you have the funds, consider hiring a housekeeper to do one final clean before you go. This way, you can come home to a tidy and fresh-smelling abode.

Have your vehicle serviced. Sitting dormant for several months can be just as bad for a vehicle as heavy use and limited or poor maintenance. Make sure that all fluids are at the appropriate levels and be sure that your gas tank is full. This will prevent sediment from collecting in the engine as the water within fuel begins to evaporate.

What is an effective Electric Chain Saw ?

Primarily, Electric Chain Saw is electronic equipment which is mainly in cutting purposes. These equipments are mostly used by the wood cutters. However gardeners also use them in various ways. This instrument consist of a cutter that is made up of a chain which is revolves around a bar with the help of electricity.

Chain Saw is, as previously mentioned, mostly used by the log cutters who cut the trees in order to make use of the wood. These equipments Re of much help to these users as it minimizes their work and help them save their time cutting down the trees. With the improvement in the scientific technology it is now easier to make as much as forest resources as possible.

Like many other machines this equipment also needs certain amount of lubrication in order to function properly. Lubrication that is mostly done is done through fuel which is applied in the bar which causes more friction, ultimately leading to the swift and smooth working of the equipment. However, it requires lubrication repeatedly as the oil that is used for lubricating it stays for at least two strokes of using it. Thus one has to keep in mind the cost of lubrication that is so frequently spent of the lubrication of this machine.

Power and weight of the chain saw on trendy area

The power of the machine will affect the length of the guide bar adaptable but very little on the weight of the machine.

The chains are the most vital part of this machine and it has to be kept in mind that they should not get damaged due to any reason. Thus the chains need to remain sharp at any cost. If the chain becomes blunt by any chance then it will fail to work efficiently. Once the chain becomes blunt, it causes more amount of sawdust which prevents the chain saw to work smoothly. In most cases the chains are prone to get blunt if it is used in some kind of other metal, stone or sand. Let’s look at some of the benefits of using electric chain saws.

the contractor can correct the strategy of the building

In the altered Design Build procedure known as CMGC or Construction Manager General Contractor, the contract is held by the owner for both the design advisor and the contractor. An alternative to go Bid Build exists if the owner is not satisfied with negotiated costs at the end of the design. This way the owner is responsible for the job choices and it keeps the price savings with the owner. Flexibility, delivery and reduced hazard are the major advantages of this procedure.

A comparison between conventional jobs and CMGC jobs reveals that time is saved in 4 main areas with CMGC. The job could be started earlier, time taken for the design is lesser, job time is reduced when overlapping building and design, and less time is taken for the building itself.

With the choice procedure being more straightforward, and Worth Construction not needing any design, we are able to start the job earlier. We are also able to make purchases of selected things earlier using this same procedure. Extended lead time grows over time mostly and things like steel girders have their prices. Many CMGC jobs are able to save a building season, reduce inflation prices and start the jobs earlier with this advantage.

A 25% or more decrease in time and a 40% saving in price have been reported by some jobs. Improved communication between contractor and designer in the design procedure is what this economy here is here is credited to. In examining time-saving options for the designer, the contractor helps in choosing constructible options. The amount of details necessary for conventional design bundles are additionally reduced by this communication and with constant peer review procedure in which total design efforts are reduced, design lacks or defects are detected.

Constructability is enhanced and risk reduced when the contractor is involved. The contractors are aided in the task of identifying, supervising, investigating and solving whatever threat there may be or at least in preparing to fulfill whatever threat there may be.

Decreased design time as well as overlapping of building and design time shortens job time.  Long lead things can be purchased by jobs to eliminate or reduce wait time. This may result in a 30% time savings on the total time, when joined with other economies, with another 20% in the duration of the job.

Another essential factor is flexibility. Quality, price and schedule are some things we are constantly concerned about in any endeavor. Whether it is acknowledged by us or not, there will always be a first, second and third precedence. Comprised in the features of the constructions and roadway, our responsiveness to their needs, and our influence on the people, is quality. If we only place a high priority on quality and stick with a tight agenda, there will surely be increase in price. With CMGC, we have a system of delivery that enables us to react differently to the priorities of quality, price and schedule.

As a result of the need for speed, CMGC was chosen to handle hazard and for the delivery system for the Riverdale road over Design Build. Everything does not really need to be understood before we commence. Together with that, the contractor can become dedicated to the design, satisfy the public, the demands of the people and the aims of the job. And since he is not tied to a tough bid price the contractor can correct the strategy of the building. Any change, when following conventional strategies, will resist any demands of the public that wasn’t captured by the contractor’s first suggestion.

Here iAPPSDS Review


iAPPSDS Review

iAPPS DS, formerly known as ElementsLocal is basically software that is used to manage franchise networks on the internet and it helps the users in marketing and promotions through SMS marketing and email marketing, which are becoming quite effective these days. Moreover, it also helps with social media marketing. It was only a year ago when ElementsLocal (iAPPS) Review was acquitted by Bridgeline Digital and was renamed to iAPPS DS.

iAAPS DS is basically a platform on the cloud which has several components attached to it that make it unique and special. These components are as follows:

  1. Content Manager
  2. Analyzer
  3. Marketer
  4. Social
  5. Commerce

The five components listed above come together to make iAPPS suite. All of these components have a special task to complete and they directly communicate with the platform on the cloud while offering solutions for online management. This platform on the cloud actually works on a .NET framework which means that it makes use of an API layer for interaction and communication purposes. The added commerce functionality on iAPPS is a bonus since it comes with all the basic e-commerce functions that are expected by the basic and local sellers or buyers. I also has several interesting features in this category including wish lists, dashboard for sales and even management options for inventory which make sure that the management of commerce is done efficiently.

The component for marketing is also quite interesting since it comes with several features that make use of emails for marketing campaigns. These features can be really helpful if a powerful local campaign has to be managed. The social aspect of this software successfully and very conveniently integrates all the social profiles in one place which allows the user to post universally from a single platform. Analyzer is also a great tool integrated in iAPPS since it has some powerful insights regarding the traffic flow and this can be crucial to improve the efficiency of the page while setting certain goals of success to remain goal oriented.

How it compares with SeoSamba?

It is true that iAPPS is equipped with those crucial tools that prove essential to those people who prefer to manage things from a central location and want to gain success in franchise marketing. But, it still has some drawbacks, and the main drawback is that it is a Microsoft based software and is very closed in nature. The user interface of iAPPS is also a bit of a concern and is not friendly at all. On the other hand, SeoSamba has a better user interface and promises to do a lot more than iAPPS in a more cost effective manner, which makes it favorable in this comparison.