Eliminate ED privately now when effective ED medications are discovered

Sexual health is a very important part of life. Erectile Dysfunction (ED), a condition also known as impotence, is the defined as being the inability of a man to become erect. There are many possible causes of ED, but currently is no published research information that determines how ED develops. It is becoming increasingly more important to discuss your ED problem with your doctor. Your health can depend upon your sexual health. Your relationship can depend on intimacy in your relationship. Successful treatment has improved sexual intimacy and sexual satisfaction. It can also improve your quality of life and relieve depression symptoms.

Erectile dysfunction has been around since the beginning of time. The first cases noted date back to the medieval times. Muslim doctors created several therapies and oral medications for ED. It was assumed that the development was used mainly for the treatment of ED, but there are very few pieces of evidence to support this claim.

Impotence means lack of power. Around the 18th century BC in India is where the reference of sexual impotence was derived from in the Samhita of Sushruta. There were considered to be four causes for the condition at this time. These were voluntary, praecox, congenital and diseases. Ancient Hindus also believed that this condition could be from a mental origin due to sexual intercourse with distasteful women. The Samhita had very interesting remedies. Some of these included eating goat testicles boiled in milk and dashed with sesame seeds and lard of a porpoise or by mixing them with salt, clarified butter and powdered pepper fish.

In Ancient Egypt, impotence was either caused by natural causes or supernatural causes, such as evil charms and spells. The Egyptian Papyrus Ebers in 1600 BC, noted prescriptions for impotence. Baby crocodile’s hearts mixed with wood oil smeared into the penis would restore impotency. There was one more combination of an oral substance prescribed which included carob, pine, various oils, salt, juniper and watermelon.

In the 1920′s, the first treatment for ED was created in the United States. Dr. John R. Brinkley inserted goat glands and mercurochrome injections for the treatment of ED. This creation didn’t last too long and his medical license was revoked.

In the 1970′s, the first penile implants were created. In the 1980′s, the first treatment for erectile dysfunction was developed by Dr. Brindley by using a non-specific vasodilator injection to relax the smooth muscles. This discovery has been the basis for all other medical treatments of ED since. The new substance Sildenafil was discovered to provide natural blood flow to the pelvic area when the men is sexually stimulated, the drug later was rebranded, and anyone suffering ED can buy Viagra online and and treat the symptoms.

According to research, approximately five percent of men by the age of 40 will show signs of ED. By the ages of forty to sixty-five, fifteen to twenty-five percent of men will have ED. Age does seem to be the dependent factor of men who have or will have ED. Other strong associations are hypertension, certain medications and diabetes. Research is based on the men who do report their condition and not on the men who have ED but do not report it.

General public awareness has allowed individuals with ED to be able to become more open with their ED problem. Over the last 15 years, the medications for ED have evolved from a private doctor-to-patient “private” problem to an open forum discussion about the subject of ED. There is a lot less embarrassment now than in the past. This has allowed the general public to become more aware and enable them to come “out of the closet” with their ED problems. Thus, this has caused vast improvement on millions of lives now using an ED medication.

After having an initial discussion with your doctor about your ED, you can discretely buy Viagra online through a private website. Compare and find the pharmacy that you find the most reputable and reasonable.

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