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Originally born in Dallas, Don was adopted by the Smith family of Dallas, Texas at the age of one . He was brought up in a solid family structure and brought up in the church as well young Don participated in the choir where he got his first taste of music. Growing up Don struggled with balancing academics with the ways of the streets with fast money and hanging with the wrong crowd eventually the streets won. At 17 Don was kicked out of high school for truancy and hustling he later obtained his G.E.D. and enlisted into the army.

Soldier with Rhythm

Stationed in Alabama music was still always in the back of Don’s mind who eventually started teaching himself different musical equipments​. Taking some key notes from his idol Dr. Dre he soon turned his room into a homemade studio collaborating with fellow colleagues to produce music and write songs. Word soon began to spread of the soldier with a heart of music and he was invited by the USO to perform for soldiers and various Army Stations. Doing open mics in the tri state areas and producing Don was content being in the background and helping build other people dreams as well as working on his own. Don executive produced his first album for fellow soldiers and future Florida artist Fury . Don finished his run with the Army being honorably discharged in 2005, he returned to Dallas determined to make a name for himself. Being in the background was no longer an option for Don who wanted to step on front of the make and make a name for himself and share his story. Still continuing to produce for artist such as Lamon ” Koop” Jones and various Dallas artist he began molding his own path. Showcasing his talents on different platforms such as the Car Show Benefit and K104′s Annual Juneteenth Celebration and Kwanzaa Fest.

Future of Global Don

In 2011 Don debuted his talents with his first mixtape “Military Minded” and in 2016 his second studio mixtape “Street Politics”. Following his travels to Overseas to branch out with other artists and marketing . Its always great to see an artist giving back Don never forgot the city that made him speaking to youth at the Urban Specialists Group and Dallas Can Academy. 2021 is definitely the year of the Don and the future holds great things for this up and coming Dallas Gem.




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Jeff Paladino

Artist name: Jeff Paladino

Jeff Paladino is a native of Chesapeake, Virginia and currently resides in Vermont. He began singing at the age of four in Church. Jeff had his first real band at 20, and opened for major talent, George Jones, Lorrie Morgan, Joe Diffie and Wade Hayes to name a few. During Jeff’s time with The Smokin45′s, he had the opportunity to perform at many Mid-Atlantic festivals. Jeff left to go fly for a Major Airline. In 2016, due to multiple medical issues, Jeff had to retire from his days in Aviation. .

In 2018, Jeff went back to his first love music. Collaborating with Gabriel Marcos, Pat Monahan, Jodell Playmaker, and Wesley Mucik and Elysium Records, “Back in the Fight” became a new song and the title name of his current album, which is now available on all downloadable music websites. Jeff is currently working on his second country album•

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The world music industry has begun to grow in recent years. 2021, becomes a peak in itself with the emergence of a series of hits from world musicians. The number of world music listeners has also shown a significant increase this year when compared to before.

The best album of the year from JmacDaKing is HEAVYWEIGHT. You can access it at the following links to find out information about JmacDaKing and His album Heavyweight.


luni mofo1

Luni Mofo AKA the “Best Mexican Rapper Alive”

Artist Name: Luni Mofo

Bio :

Early in his career, Luni Mofo teamed up with IseReal. They released mixtapes for the Dallas NBA All Star game called “The All Star Mixtape,” the Dallas Superbowl called “Jerry Jones Money,” and a mixtape called The “First 48 mixtape.” Luni then started to pursue a solo career and started his own label, TAKE $$$. He has released 3 mixtapes called, “Freedom Aint Free,” “Freedom of Speech,” and “Root of Evil” along with his first all original beat solo mixtape called “Son Of A Bitch.” He also linked up with another rap group named Immortal Soldierz and started Take $$$ Tuesdays. He has worked with Dorrough Music, Mr. Pookie, Mr. Lucci, Kotton Mouth, Young Black, Doughski G, Paul Wall, Chalie Boy, Quint Black, T Cash, Six Two, Renizance, Scotty Boy, Immortal Soldierz, 2Kold Syndicate, Tum Tum, Fat B. and Lil Flip. Luni is a force to be reckoned with. He has already earned respect amongst his peers for his raw talent, delivery, and true to life street topics.

Rapper Luni Mofo gives out a clear example of his true hip-hop style and mind-blasting fast-paced rap skills with his newly launched soundtrack ‘Goin’ Thru It’.

Staying true to his life street style and raw hip-hop passion, an artist who has built his reputation out of pure talent and hard work is Luni Mofo. Shining above his peers with his polished commercial voice, the rapper brings the essence of hardcore rap back to the limelight with his flawless hip-hop compositions. I recently happened to come across his new release titled ‘Goin’ Thru It’ and the soundtrack hit me in an entirely different way. Whether it’s his engulfing attitude, the word throw, or the passionate lyrics, everything was in sync to demonstrate his hardcore influence.

One of the most attractive aspects of his soundtrack ‘Goin’ Thru It’ is the energy that keeps rising high with every turn. The music is alarmingly catchy with thumping pulsating beats occupying the entire soundscape. His artistry is most compelling when he lets his remarkable fast pitched rap voice seal the deal. His vocals are strong and polished with an intensifying layer of confidence, something that is a must for any raw hip-hop track to stand out. The songwriting summarizes his life story, the pain, the struggles, and everything in between that has shaped his life. Luni Mofo has teamed up with various labels and rap groups so far and owns his label named TAKE $$$. He has also worked with Dorrough Music, Mr. Pookie, Mr. Lucci, and others and has released solo mixtapes like Freedom Aint Free, Freedom of Speech, Root of Evil, and Son Of A Bitch. Hear out his latest creation on Spotify and follow him on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more details.

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Believe (Submission):
Believe is a very special song to me that I wrote in the very beginning of my journey into the music industry. It was at a time of frustration for me as I faced being treated differently for being a female. I had heard a lot but never truly understood the way women were treated in the music industry until I actually encountered it first hand. I’ll never forget that moment when I decided to let it all bleed out, pen to pad in my hotel room. Even in a moment when I was down and venting I still had faith in myself and understood the power in that. That strength is what carried me this far and look at me now.

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M City JR

Yet another musical hot single by M City Jr, “PIZZA PIZZA.”

M City JR, Certified Platinum sensational rapper hailing from Detroit seems to surprise us time and again with his electrifying releases. Rising star has always seen the face of fame and popularity and has a lot to shine for years to come. Now his latest release ‘Pizza Pizza’ raises the bar high again.

M City JR is back with his latest track “Pizza Pizza” and is ready to get the mercury soaring again. It is already across stores and playlists worldwide. He released the song on all major music platforms, including YouTube. M City has always kept his audience hooked to his hits because of the catchy lyrics and peppy tunes to his rap. The beats, tunes, and lyrics are lapped up by his young audience who find inspiration in them. Rap music is all about speaking of emotions, struggles, and experiences. M City is already a sensation because he captures the essence of rap music really well and engages the audience. ‘Pizza Pizza’ too lives up to the expectations from him and is soon to set new records. Pizza Pizza is currently #17 in the world on the Digital Radio Tracker Global Top 150 Radio Charts.

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George Pontos Jump Adventures Game

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Israel Mccray

Artist Name: Israel Mccray

Israel Mccray has released two Mixtapes on Before releasing his latest Project. “Start Over Again” now available on all media outlets. The release “Help me Lord” and “Holograms” have touched many. Including the music videos available on Youtube.

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The Hated Crew

Artist Name:The Hated Crew

“End Of Days” is the brand new upcoming release for this year 2020 from renown viral Hip-Hop artists The Hated Crew.

In the increasingly oversaturated online Hip-Hop market it has become harder for album release to get no- ticed and gain viral status online, but the new Hip-Hop inspired double album “End Of Days” by The Hated Crew has already created a small buzz on social media and reached some the albums potential listeners. This is only the start of what is to come for the album release and The Hated Crew as we head further into the year 2020 the year of fresh online music releases.

The Hated Crew continue to engage with there fan base on social media with teases of the new upcoming album release “End Of Days” which has been making waves within the online Hip-Hop community with Hip-Hop fans, enthusiasts and newcomers to the genre.

News surrounding the full release of the double album Album “End Of Days”s with it’s new Hip-Hop in- spired sound have been climbing social media like wild fire with shares and likes and has the definite po- tential to go viral for this WINTER 2020.

Be sure to keep up to date with trending Hip-Hop artists The Hated Crew on their various official social media accounts as they create new sounds of genre infused Hip-Hop designed to be both uplifting and empowered the sound of this WINTER 2020.

The double album “End Of Days” is currently set for an October 2020 release and will be available to stream online via Spotify and all major streaming platforms. The new double album “End Of Days” will also be available to purchase via all major online music stores.





Ymoney hottest up and coming artist from the youngstown Ohio area unsigned 22 years old

Turning big dreams into reality

Seo hottest in Ohio

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